Category: Windows PowerShell

Connecting to SQL Server via Windows PowerShell with SQL Server authentication

Most of the articles I’ve written about SQL Server with Windows PowerShell have been using Windows Authentication. And while it is highly recommended to use Windows authentication to connect to SQL Server, the reality is that the IT infrastructures we have don’t run on Microsoft Windows. Here’s an article I wrote on how to use […]

Query Hyper-V Virtual machines using Windows PowerShell

Being a lazy administrator as I am, I try to minimize the amount of mouse-clicks I need to make to retrieve information about something on a Windows platform. As I have been using Microsoft Hyper-V on a bunch of my test machines, I always check if a VM is up and running before I power […]

Creating Active Directory Users with Windows PowerShell

While it may seem easy to create Active Directory users using the management console, I still prefer doing it using scripts so as to make sure that they are done in a uniform, standard fashion (not to mention as fast as one can possibly do especially if you will be doing it for many users). […]

Check the last backup date in SQL Server using Windows PowerShell

This article highlights how to use Windows PowerShell to retrieve database properties using SMO. Notice how easy it is to check the database properties using pretty common syntax One of the challenges I have when I was starting out as a SQL Server DBA was to check for the last backup date for a database. […]