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Introduction to PowerPivot for Excel and SQL Server

If you’ve heard about PowerPivot for Excel, you may have heard about the self-service business intelligence capabilities of the tool. I guess it’s about time to explore PowerPivot for Excel. Check out this article to get started. I think this is one of the best things that came out of the collaboration between the Excel […]

Disaster Recovery Is More Than Just Technology Part 3: The Lion, The Switch and The Wardrobe

You were in your favourite bar one Saturday night when, suddenly, you hear your mobile phone ring. You pick up the phone and heard the sound of a screaming voice on the other end (no, it’s not your wife telling you to go home and take out the trash). The background noise is preventing you […]

Connecting HyperV guests to the local network even before installing Integration Services

So, I have finally had my hands on Microsoft Hyper-V. I’ve installed Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V role on my laptop for creating virtual machines. I’ve decided to virtualize my Windows XP work-machine so that I won’t have to worry about backups in case it got corrupted. What I had in mind was to simply […]

Transfering Windows Scheduled Task Jobs between servers

There might be some cases where you need to transfer Windows Scheduled Task jobs like maybe promoting them from test to production. The simplest way to do it is by simply opening the Windows Scheduled Task in Windows Explorer for the source and the destination servers (you can do this by expanding on My Network […]

When Making a Contribution Is Better Than Doing Well

We all love to be noticed, affirmed, adored – name it. Its human nature. But sometimes, what prevents us from really performing at our peak is the fact that we want to do a really great job. You want to be the best secretary, the best office administrator, the best computer programmer and we want […]