SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Deep Dive Course Now Available

I’ve been working on this personal project since early this year. If you’ve been following my blog posts, my articles on MSSQLTips.com or even my presentations at various events, you know that my area of expertise is on SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery. I’ve compiled years of experience and exposure with SQL Server […]

SQL Server Index Internals and How Filtered Indexes Look Like (Part 1)

“During one of my SQL Server Index Internals presentation, an attendee asked me how filtered indexes look like and if they are stored exactly the way the traditional indexes are. I was tempted to show the internals of how filtered indexes looked like using DBCC PAGE during the presentation but held back because it deserves […]

Be Consistent With Your Brand

More Broken Glass by autowitch Black baseball cap with a fashionable army jacket. That’s the image that people who know me recognize when they hear my name. When I started speaking at conferences and events here in North America, I became intentional about the image that I project. Let’s just say that everything started with […]

Why Goals Need To Be More Specific

Mile Marker 181 on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. Near Florence, OR. by Terry MacVey This blog post ¬†was inspired by a conversation I had with a high school friend. Imagine planning a trip to your vacation getaway. You know that you will need to do the following to get to your destination Drive about […]

Cannot show requested dialog “There is no row at position 0” and Making your Microsoft Connect Items Matter

I have not opened a Microsoft Connect item before so I don’t know how the bug reporting and resolution process works at Microsoft for the SQL Server product. I just happened to receive a phone call from one of my customers asking why they are getting the error message below on one of their SQL […]