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Leadership Lessons from Driving in the UK

Right-hand drive by EdwinMSarmiento I was privileged to be invited as a speaker in the last SQLBits conference held in Nottingham, UK earlier this month. I have to admit that I was pretty excited since this will be my first time to be in the UK. I prepared all the necessary travel documents for the trip […]

Your ATTITUDE Determines Your Altitude

[callout]Our thoughts lead to actions. Our actions lead to habits. Our habits lead to character. Our character develops our future.[/callout] This is the second in a series of blog posts that talk about success. I had the opportunity to ask the registered attendees for SQLSaturday Philippines to vote for a particular topic that they like best. Since […]

University of the Philippines and the Mindset of Entitlement

  University of the Philippines Oblation by randyg “With rights come responsibilities. If we aren’t willing to take responsibilities, how dare we claim the rights.”  I’m rarely vocal about my political views for “fear” of being branded as a leftist (I used the word fear because leaders are not immune to the feeling: they just […]

Be Consistent With Your Brand

More Broken Glass by autowitch Black baseball cap with a fashionable army jacket. That’s the image that people who know me recognize when they hear my name. When I started speaking at conferences and events here in North America, I became intentional about the image that I project. Let’s just say that everything started with […]

Why Goals Need To Be More Specific

Mile Marker 181 on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. Near Florence, OR. by Terry MacVey This blog post  was inspired by a conversation I had with a high school friend. Imagine planning a trip to your vacation getaway. You know that you will need to do the following to get to your destination Drive about […]