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Are you investing in your personal growth?

WARNING: This is not a blog post about financial management: I try to stay away from anything like that as most people think that I have ridiculous financial management skills (or maybe I should save that for a future blog post, if you insist.) I love reading. I spend a lot of time on printed […]

Tweet Pick: Risk Taking

Thinking outside-of-the-box requires more than just changing your mindset. It requires taking that step of risk that you wished you wouldn’t Twitter Post 19-July-2009 Yesterday, I delivered my very first 24 Hours of PASS presentation via webcast.  There’s something about doing a task the first time that generates a lot of butterflies in your stomach. […]

Why Likeability Affects Service Delivery

Tim Sanders in his book The Likeability Factor emphasizes the need to improve one’s likeability in order to be successful. He cited several studies that prove how likeability affects your job, the judge’s decision in a court hearing and what not. What’s fascinating is that we see this in action in just about any interaction […]