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The Practice of Navia Aut Caput

The first manned flight. The naming of Portland, Oregon. A foot ball game. All three have one thing in common: a coin toss – the practice of throwing a coin in the air to make a decision based on an outcome – either heads or tails. It’s interesting to see how this has become common practice in […]

PASS Summit and The Value Of Building A Community

Photo courtesy of Sheryl’s Boys I’m a community person. I’ve built my career around the value of communities. It all started when I was in high school and wanted to raise funds that will help the student community by improving our sports facility. We wanted to host a dance party within the school premises and […]

That Intimidating Sound

Listen to the following audio clips and tell me the first thing that comes to mind (post it in the Comments section) Audio clip #1 (courtesy of Mike Koenig)   Audio clip #2   Audio clip #3 (courtesy of Mike Koenig)   Audio clip #4 (courtesy of Grant Evans)   There’s something about sounds that trigger emotions […]

The 7Ps of Success That No One Likes To Talk About

The day was about to end. My right leg was shaking as I wrapped up the training class that I was teaching. I was trying hard to avoid looking at my leg. I’ve been feeling the throbbing pain for the past three days and my leg has swollen to a point where I don’t even […]

Correlation Between Ritual and Result

We listen to an amazing piece played on the piano. We watch pro athletes score a touchdown or a hoop. We read a beautiful piece of literature or look at an art on display. We are captivated, mesmerized. Like I did, I’m sure you’ve asked this question one way or another: how did they do […]