Searching For A Deeper Purpose In Your Work

Image courtesy of These past few months I have been tied up and so busy with a large SharePoint 2010 migration and upgrade project for a Fortune 500 company. Working as the main consultant for this project, majority of the tasks are assigned to me which required working alone, sometimes coordinating work and meeting […]

Leadership Starts At Home

I’m seeing myself responding to blog posts more often that I get to create content in the process. This time, it was a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog on leadership from Kelly Combs (blog | Twitter). I’ve been wanting to write a post on leadership at home but this one is spot on because […]

Before and After: A Way To Measure Your Growth

I’m a big fan of personal development and growth. Which is why I am dedicated to lifelong learning and continuous growth and help individuals and organizations do the same thing. But in order to validate growth, we need to measure our progress. William Thomson, more commonly known as Lord Kelvin, was famous not only for […]

On Aperture, Digital Photography and Leadership

For my 10th year wedding anniversary gift for my wife, I’ve decided to give her a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera with the intention of diving in to digital photography myself. As I was going thru and testing the features of the camera, an idea initially hit me. Instead of simply knowing the features, I’ve decided […]

Compassionate Capitalism as some may call it

In a world where capitalism focuses more on profits and revenues, others may think making a difference is totally out of the picture. I was reading about TOMS Shoes and how the company started out as Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver, wanted to help children from developing countries by providing them shoes to wear. Their […]