Authenticity touches the heart

Reality TV has been a favourite anywhere around the world. From American Idol to The Apprentice, people have been attracted to those who show their true colors. As I was watching Oprah’s TV program, I learned about another reality TV show in the US which has been running for like 4 seasons now. Run’s House, which is now on it’s fourth season, is about former member of the popular multi-platinum 80’s rap group Run-D.M.C. Rumor has it that fame and fortune kept him seeking for more which prompted him to turn into religion. Known as Rev Run after being ordained by Zoe Ministries, his family is the feature of MTVs’ first family in the reality TV show Run’s House. What is fascinating about the TV series is that it is plainly authentic – no scripts, no mu-cha-cha of what the audience will or will not like which normally drives the script, etc. It’s all about the daily life of the Simmons family and how he balances being a father, husband, reverend, while teaching their kids about success and enduring pain. It touches the heart knowing that he promotes spirituality in a world dominated by all kinds of negativity. But what really captures the audience is the fact that this is reality TV in its true sense – authentic, real, honest-to-goodness. It is, after all, what we like about people.

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