Acronyms for Life

My work has been full of acronyms – TCP/IP, VPN, AD, SQL, WCF – name it. This blog is an attempt to living life to it’s fullest, knowing and understanding that life is more than just making a living. I have been a student of life ever since and this blog will be all about lessons in life and practical Christianity. I’ll look into leadership, management, relationships, attitude and Christianity in a practical sense. You’ll read about the people I read about and what drives me to do so. This is the side of me that says “there is more to my life than my passion…and that is LIFE itself.”

Join me in my journey.

2 thoughts on “Acronyms for Life

  1. Edwin Sarmiento

    Hi Mari,My life revolves around my personal mission statement – “To help people grow and develop their full potential as God has planned for them.” I hope you enjoy the bolg posts


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