The 5-Step Strategy That Successful Technology Professionals Use to Break Free From Overwhelm, Fatigue, and Burnout

(while working less and having more time to do the things that you love)

In this masterclass, I’ll reveal:

  • The simple game plan any successful IT professional can use to eliminate overwhelm, have more energy and focus … even when it feels like you’re trapped in the demanding work in IT
  • Why time management is the exact WRONG strategy to eliminate fatigue and burnout in IT and can make the problem worse … and the simple plan I use to escape brain-fog, have focus all day long and to finish work early
  • How you can immediately boost productivity at work so you can get noticed, paid, and promoted … even if others have more experience and expertise
  • The secret I and my clients used to stop resenting their job so they regain their passion, joy, and enthusiasm … even if it feels like all you do is work and sleep
  • AND… how to do all of this while achieving work-life balance, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and spend quality time with family and friends.

WHEN: October 01, 2020 10:30 AM Eastern time (check in your own time zone)

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